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Tambopata Macaw Clay Lick 4D/3N

We visit the most important and biggest Macaw clay lick and the beautiful Sandoval lake, both in Tambopata National Reserve.

DAY 1:
Pick up from the terminal or airport in the city of Puerto Maldonado, to the Our Main Office, where you meet your tour guide and get a brief talk of welcome and activities to be developed in the tour. Some final arrangements, in the event of more clients, the guide will take you for a short city tour while we wait for other customers. Departure from the office it is by 4×4 car going for a paved road the first 48 km, to then go through a nice forest road approximately 18 km, to reach Tambopata River. The Lodge is located right by the river and once settled you then go for an afternoon introductory walk to learn about the whole amazon and get some nice pictures from animals you find on the way. And in the evening incredible opportunities to see animals of nocturnal habits, the jungles revealing their secrets through this Night creepy walk.

Day 2:
We wake up at 4:30am, to visit to the biggest Macaw clay lick for about 1:30 hours by boat, on the way we will have the incredible opportunity to see Capybaras, which are the largest rodents around the world, tapirs, and getting the chance of finding the majestic Jaguar.
Once we arrived to the Macaw clay lick we will see hundreds of colorful parrots and macaws flying around this special spot that give them salts and minerals to minimize the amount of alkaloids ingested during a normal feeding day, on this activity you can see hundreds of these wonderful birds that go to this place to socialize and eat the clay, all this natural show is done mainly in the morning the reason why the early start.
Returning to our lodge for breakfast and a little break to then go again for another boat trip to visit an inviting place in the lowland Amazonia, a place that invites you to bathe in this nice water temperature with beautiful view to get memorable pictures. After the refreshing waterfall bath, we also can go for a nature walk, this might take 3 hours, to see gigantic trees, very good chance of seeing monkeys, wild pigs and white-lipped peccary which are like wild pigs that can be found on this walk, this afternoon walk will also increase the chances of spotting some bigger animals by visiting a mammals clay lick.

After a good breakfast, our car will take us back to Puerto Maldonado, once we arrive to town then we go straight to the next place, heading to Sandoval Lake, for this trip a boat will take us for 20 minutes down river to get Sandoval Lake main entrance, from here we have 1 hour walk, on this walk the chances of spotting animals are huge due to animals are used to people since the Reserve was created.
Animals can be found on the way to the lake are monkeys, more macaws, squirrels, anteaters and some other species that tend to hang around the trail. Once on the lake we go on a rowing boat to enjoy the lake and look for the playful troop of Giant river otter, some typical birds like the Punk chicken and others, then a lovely lunch and little rest or break.
After your break you go back to the lake to continue your experience around the lake but this time with flash light ready to find some black caimans on the way back from the lake. Then dinner at the lodge.

DAY 4 :
Here we can still go for another lake tour before we leave the place and this one can be done early in the morning to get the beautiful sunrise and get some pictures from the nice scenery given by this pretty lake.
To then go back for breakfast and pack to leave the place by taking the same way back to town.

. Pick up from the airport
. Accommodation
. Local Guide
. Transportation
. Tambopata national reserve fee entrance.

Not Included:
Tips and alcohol beverages.



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We visit the most important and biggest Macaw clay lick and the beautiful Sandoval lake, both in Tambopata National Reserve...